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Hamaton New Plant Officially Start Construction

                                                             Hamaton New Plant Officially Start Construction
Hangzhou Hamaton Tyre Valves Co., Ltd held its new plant breaking ceremony in Hangzhou Yuhang Economic Development Zone on March 13th. The first phase of construction is officially started. 
The president of Hamaton JackZhang, vice president Tonyfang, Mr. Zhu and the officers of Development Zone attended this ceremony. During the ceremony, JackZhang made a short speech and cut the ribbon together with guests.
The total construction area of the new plant will be 60000 M² and the total area of first phase are 31540 M². The estimated completion date of first phase is Dec. 2014. Hamaton new plant would mainly manufacture TPMS replacement sensors for the American and European market and the TPMS system for the China domestic OEM. This plant is expected to begin production in 2015, the annual turnover will add 700 million RMB, and the total investment will be 80 million RMB.