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Company Introduction:
Hamaton is located in the Yuhang economic and technology development zone of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, only 1 ½ hour drive from Shanghai.  The company was originally founded in 1993 as Yuhang Auto Parts Factory.  Throughout the years Hamaton has advanced its operations to be a global leading manufacturer and international supplier to automotive industries throughout the world.  Today the company is focused with R&D and production in the following automotive areas.   
1.      TPMS Technology
Since 2006 Hamaton has invested heavily in its TPMS technology infrastructure with advanced R&D and manufacturing capabilities.  Today Hamaton is one of the only companies that manufacture the entire system of TPMS sensor and valve technology: tire pressure monitoring sensors, TPMS valves, the replacement parts for the TPMS valve, technician service tools, accessories, and vehicle application data. 
Hamaton has successfully launched these products in the advanced TPMS markets of North America and Europe.  As the implementation of TPMS advances at different paces internationally, Hamaton will continue to reinvest in its TPMS technology and manufacturing capabilities.  Hamaton’s goal is to be the leading TPMS product supplier throughout the world.
2.       Valve Inflation Technology
Hamaton is one of the largest manufacturers of tire valve inflation products in the world.  The company supplies tire valve products and accessories to international markets for all types of tire sizes and applications:  bicycle, passenger car, light-duty truck, commercial truck, and large OTR and Earth-mover.  Hamaton is supplier of valve products to global OE vehicle manufacturers as well as aftermarket channels of distribution.  Customers all over the world regard Hamaton manufactured valve products as the highest of quality and value.  Hamaton also has the distinct honor as the first main drafter and consultant to the China National Standard of Valve Industry.  Today Hamaton holds position of deputy director of the China Valve Industry committee. 
3.       Tire and wheel service Tools and Accessories.
Hamaton manufactures a variety of tire and wheel service tools and accessories for the automotive technician.  Hamaton tire air pressure gauges and other inflation tools are made to exceed the requirements of American, European, and Japanese quality standards. 
Hamaton Commitment to Customers and Quality:
Hamaton has an established strict quality control system.  The company is ISO certified, TS 16949, ISO 14001 compliant for quality and environmental systems.  Hamaton holds many patents of product innovation and utility.  The company and its employees are committed to a culture of “honest and responsible, customer-oriented”.